Trusted distribution partner in
Singapore and the rest of South East Asia

Local market expertise​

South East Asia is our expertise, with Singapore as the main target market.

Network of retailers

We open up a whole new market for you through strong relationships with retailers in the region.

Customised solutions

Every brand is unique. We listen to our clients and provide solutions tailored to your needs.


We are committed to growing your brands, your business and your revenue opportunities.

Seeing you through

We provide end-to-end services to bring your brands to the consumers in the most cost-efficient way.


Bagus Global Enterprise Pte. Ltd. (BGE) is your trusted distribution partner for consumer goods in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Established in 2013 in Singapore, BGE provides end-to-end market expansion services for consumer goods. We take pride in our clients’ businesses and are committed to provide customised solutions that will help increase your revenue opportunities.

Our vision:

To be your preferred business partner in the distribution of high-quality products to Singapore with tailored services at competitive prices.

Our mission:

To be client-focused, highly efficient and effective at providing market expansion services.

Our core services are:

Research and analysis

We conduct feasibility studies and market research to maximise your business potential.

Sales and marketing

We help open up new channels for your products and grow your brand.

Logistics and distribution

We provide cost-effective and efficient warehouse, transport and other logistic services.

Our Core Values

Client Strategies

Every client wants to achieve success; we strive to fulfill that goal. Each client has their own strengths, so we offer tailored solutions to serve them accordingly.


Our word is our bond. At the same time, we neither market nor sell products that we would not want to consume ourselves. Thus, as your first customer and distributor in Singapore, we are passionate about and believe in the products that we carry.

Continuous Improvement

Our employees strive to learn from and apply the market best practices in terms of technology, processes and knowledge of individual client preferences. We are in a day-to-day basis of training, developing and working towards maximum efficiency.

Effective Communication

We aim to understand our partners' intentions, contexts and perpectives to capture the highest possible value for our clients.


We strive to deliver high-quality goods with acute time management. On time, every time.


Bagus Global Enterprise Pte Ltd assists our partners in the growth of their businesses. We look to widen their access to information, income prospects and market shares. In order for our partners to reach their objectives in expanding their brands to new territories, we provide them with a one-stop and comprehensive package of services.

We have an experienced and highly effective team of specialists focusing on your products’ individual needs. Our company provides strategies to unlock the market’s potential for your products. These include product feasibility studies, importation, registration, customs clearance, brand and product management, sales and marketing, trade relations management, field marketing, warehousing, distribution and logistics services.

  • Research & Analysis
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Logistics & Expansion

We conduct feasibility studies and market research to maximise your business potential.

Using our data driven approach and a team of market experts, we provide you with market insights to understand what it takes to make your product a success in
Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia.

  • Understanding of market trends and potential
  • Comprehensive analysis of potential risks
  • Shorter time-to-market with our active research
We help open up new channels for your products and grow your brand.
Tapping into our extensive network of consumer goods retailers, we advise you on the most suitable distribution channel for your products and bring it to market.
We take pride and ownership in our clients’ brands. With a dedicated field marketing team, we proactively suggest the best advertising and promotion opportunities, tailored specifically to your products.
  • Access to our network of retailers
  • Advertising and promotion opportunities
  • Customised marketing solutions
We provide cost-effective and efficient warehouse, transport and other logistic services.
We are equipped with comprehensive logistics and distribution services infrastructure.
Our warehouse ensures your products are stored professionally. We handle everything from storage, repackaging to inventory management.
We deliver your goods to the retailers and customers proficiently. In addition, we also provide other logistic services such as product registration, regulatory support, invoicing and documentation, import/export management and customs handling.
  • Professional handling and storage of goods
  • Timely delivery to retailers and customers
  • One-stop-shop for logistics solution
Providing customised Our Retail Partners

Uniquely curated gifts for Special Occasions


At Joyful Giraffe, we strive to curate unique presents from all over the world for your special occasions, from baby showers to housewarmings and birthdays. We believe in bringing only the great finds that we would ourselves gift to our loved ones.
Brands we carry

Original Source

Original Source is a mighty powerful body wash from the UK.

Not only is it vegan, cruelty-free, this exotic range is made with natural plant extracts and authentic fragrances found from all aspects of nature.

Original Source Mint & Tea Tree shower gel was awarded Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2016 for Consumer's Choice Refreshing Body Cleansing.

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Liquid Soap is a brand from USA made from 100% natural ingredients, free of synthetic fragrances, palm oil free and preservatives.

Our pure Castile soap is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. As an all-natural soap made from olive oil, it will leave the skin smooth and silky by forming a protective barrier that helps retain moisture in the skin thus making the soap a perfect addition to regular skin care routines.

Our soap is also environmentally friendly and free of harsh chemicals that would pollute our groundwater.

Dr. Jacobs Naturals Castile Liquid Soap was awarded WATSONS HWB Award 2018 for "Best New Natural Body Wash"

Wavertree & London

The origin story of our brand name dates back to previous generations of the London family who called Wavertree, England, home. The tree that is identifiable on every Wavertree & London product is based upon the Ward of Wavertree’s symbol. A nod to the past with a keen passion to the future.

Wavertree and London begun trading in 1994 making potpourri and fragrances for a wide range of retailers across Australia. Later, it began to diversify into manufacturing of plant-based triple-milled soap bars, soy candles and diffusers. Wavertree & London range of premium candles are handmade using non-toxic soy wax, natural cotton wicks and blends of fragrances that are sure to create an exquisite perfumed ambiance.

Wavertree & London products are proudly made in-house using our signature fragrances.

Ohana Mahaalo

OHANA MAHAALO is a Japanese fragrance brand and being marketed as a gifting product. For yourself, for loved ones, or for friends. Which is precisely the reason why their collection comes in a multitude of various blends, so that you could easily pick and choose your favourite ones (for all occasions).

The brand uses Hawaiian words in naming the different fragrances.

Clean Original Fragrance Fabric Spray eliminates 99.9% of
odor-causing bacteria and removes 90% of bad odor. It hopes to offer a little peacefulness to your body and soul, noting the importance of refreshing fragrance in a clean room.

Made in Japan with silver ions and natural plant extracts, it not only deodorizes but sterilizes too.

Suitable for fabric curtains, bedding, shoes, fabric clothing, carpet, rug, fabric sofa, cabinet, motorbike helmet and car seats.

Michel Design Works

Over 30 years ago, Deborah and Bruce Michel launched Michel Design Works, featuring beautiful paper gifts, such as books, journals, and stationary. From the beginning, we believed that our packaging was just as important as the gift itself. Deborah developed unique style, inspired by her lifelong love of French and English art from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Preserving our brand’s reputation for affordable luxury, we maintained our beautiful packaging and prominent status as a trendsetter in the gift-giving industry. In addition, we’ve expanded our product lines into the home décor category, offering our distinct designs on everything from pillows and rugs to serving trays and paper napkin. While we’ve stayed true to our roots and are still headquartered in the charming town of Katonah, New York, Michel Design Works is now a global brand.

Heathcote & Ivory

Established in London in 2000 by DENIS AARONSON, who is passionate about creating beautiful products with wonderful ingredients. The unique Heathcote & Ivory style embraces the world of interior design and the great British outdoors, simply making it part of everyday life.

Designed and formulated in London, the collections are a confident mix of bright colours, floral patterns in both vintage and modern styles; with attention given to every detail, there is delight in every gift – the hallmark of our brand. Today, the distinctive Heathcote & Ivory brand continues to evolve bringing the same creativity to all its collections and brands through home fragrance, bath & body care and gifting.

Our philosophy at Heathcote & Ivory is that only the finest ingredients, including essential oilsand actives, are used.

Our products are certified cruelty-free and vegan by PETA”

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